Artis Royal Zoo (Amsterdam Zoo)

Amsterdam ZooStroll in nature’s oasis in the midst of the bustling city of Amsterdam. See more than 200 species of trees and more than 900 species of animals. Admire the gardens with their flowering bulbs in spring and study their rich vegetation in summer and autumn.

Founded in 1838, it was the first zoo in the Netherlands and with its gardens, museums and library it soon became a vibrant centre of social life. Just like the rest of Amsterdan, Artis boasts some of the most beautiful 19th century architecture, the Aquarium is a fine example.

On your visit to the zoo you will marvel at the stories nature has to tell you. See giraffes strolling with wildebeest, zebras, springbok and oryx. Walk among butterflies and experience lemurs up close. Look under the water of an Amsterdam Canal and study planets and stars in the Planetarium. Artis Royal Zoo is a truly remarkable place where nature meets culture and where knowledge merges with pleasure.

What to see on your visit?

The Aquarium – Located in the Great Hall you’ll become aquatinted to the wonders of the sea and the wildlife that live in the North Sea and the Zeeland estuary. See sharks, rays and other subtropical sea creatures too.

Butterfly Pavilion – The largest of its kind in the Netherlands, covering a thousand square meters and housing thousands of butterflies. The butterflies flitter through the air, settling briefly on flowers in the colourful borders along the walkways, where you can move freely. Twice a day, butterflies that have just crawled out of their cocoons are released into the pavilion.

Insectarium – In 2005, the former food storage facility was converted into an Insectarium. Insects are the most successful creatures on earth; there are more than 750,000 species in this class. Artis has a large collection of insects for you to see.

Botanical Gardens – This section is everywhere …  As you wander around Artis you will see a large array of flowers, bulbs and tulips native to Holland. In greenhouses you will also see the flowers found outside of Holland.

The Zoological Museum – Here you can learn about the relationship between man and nature. There are exhibits from nature conservationists Jac P. Thijsse and Eli Heimans. These exhibits include books and guides that they produced and the photographic equipment they used in their day.

Geological Museum – The general theme of the Geological Museum is the way in which life, atmosphere, water and Earth are all interrelated. Also home to precious stones and crystals you will receive a full and detailed explanation of how certain animals have adapted to suit their ever-changing surroundings.

Planetarium – This ‘Cosmosphere’ presents visitors with a series of highly informative displays about the stars, sun, moon, planets and the very universe itself. With fun interactive quiz games you can learn everything there is to know about space travel in all its glory.

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