Cycle to Amsterdam

If you’ve been bitten by the cycling bug and fancy taking your love of cycling to the next level then why not try cycling to Amsterdam for your next short break or summer holiday.

With the overnight ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam, getting on your bike and cycling to one the most bike friendly cities in Europe has never been easier. Regardless of where you live in the UK, cycling to Amsterdam via the DFDS Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry is a great idea. Enjoy an overnight crossing in a comfy cabin and arrive refreshed in Amsterdam.

  • Prices starts at just £76 for 2 bicycles and 2 people

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Cycle to Amsterdam

Depending on where you may be starting from in the UK and how long you want your cycling holiday to last for will probably decide your route and how long you will be staying in Amsterdam.

Live near to Newcastle? – If you live in the north east of England or you may even be planning to get train into the region, then you could choose to cycle a little in the UK and spend most of your  time in Amsterdam and more likely exploring rest of Holland by bike. Holland as well being culturally a cycle friendly country is also very flat making it physically a very cycle friendly country.

Don’t stay that close to Newcastle? Well there are other ferries to Europe you could take that may well be closer if you don’t want to cycle too much in the UK. However for  the really  keen cyclists out there, a few hundred miles to cycle in the UK is probably not going to be that much of boundary.

The great thing about the the Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry is that it is an overnight ferry, meaning it’s one less night accommodation you need arrange and you can relax and sleep through the one part of the journey you can’t do on your bike. The ferry leaves around 5PM from Newcastle, giving you plenty of time to relax, get a good meal on board before getting a good night rest in one of the en-suite cabins – you’ll arrive in Holland at 8am refreshed and ready to tackle another great on the saddle.

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