Ferries from Newcastle to Europe

DFDS SeawaysYou can take the ferry from Newcastle to Holland, providing easy access to the rest of northern Europe when you sail with DFDS Seaways. By sailing from Newcastle to Europe, you can save yourself on extra miles of driving and the cost of fuel that comes with this, when you continue your onward journey to nearby France, Belgium, Germany or Poland.

If you live in the North of England or Scotland, rather than travelling all the way to the south of England for a ferry from Dover, you can save both the time of an extended journey and fuel costs by taking a short drive to Newcastle for a ferry to Holland. Particularly with the rising cost of fuel in the UK, this is a more cost effective way of travelling to Europe by ferry.

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Gateway to Europe
Gateway to Europe
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DFDS Seaways operates a daily sailing between Newcastle and Holland, with two modern cruise ferries sailing overnight to the port of Ijmuiden near Amsterdam. The journey lasts around 15 hours, departing at around 5pm each evening, arriving in Ijmuiden at around 9.30am (CET) the following morning.

With the ferry crossing from Newcastle being overnight, you have time to relax and enjoy a good nights sleep in your en-suite cabin before continuing your onward journey the following day. If you are travelling with your car, this means there is less risk of driving whilst tired and will make the journey all the more enjoyable – particularly as northern Europe is home to some of the most beautiful scenery and countryside.

Amsterdam provides an ideal gateway to the rest of northern Europe, with Germany, Belgium, France and Poland all within easy reach, with good quality road and motorway links throughout northern Europe, as well as reliable and affordable rail networks throughout Europe too.

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Taking the ferry from Newcastle to Holland, is an ideal way to travel to northern Europe and can save you money too, without then long journey from Scotland or the north of England to Dover.

Approximate driving distances to major European cities from Amsterdam, Holland:

Distance (Miles)
Distance (KM)
Driving Time
49 miles
78 km
1h 0m
143 miles
230 km
2h 25m
178 miles
286 km
2h 45m
179 miles
287 km
2h 55m
190 miles
306 km
3h 5m
328 miles
527 km
5h 5m
426 miles
685 km
6h 30m
519 miles
836 km
7h 55m
772 miles
1243 km
11h 40m

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