Museums in Amsterdam – Museumplein

With more than 50 museums, Amsterdam packs a big cultural punch.  From long-established institutions famous around the globe to lesser-known hidden treasures, the permanent and temporary collections in Amsterdam offer art and history, alongside the unexpected and the unusual.


Although you are likely to enjoy them more than once, first-time visitors will most likely want to visit some Amsterdam’s most famous museums.  The most important museums of Amsterdam are located on het Museumplein (Museum Square).

rijksmuseum amsterdam

The northern part of the square is bordered by the very large Rijksmuseum; home to the largest and most important collection of classical Dutch art.  Artists work displayed here include a large selection of Rembrandt paintings, and paintings from artists like Van der Helst, Vermeer, Frans Hals, Ferdinand Bol, Albert Cuijp, Van Ruysdael and Paulus Potter.

The western part of the square is bordered by two of Amsterdams most popular museums, the Stedelijk Museum and Amsterdams most visited museum, the Van Gogh Museum.

The Stedelijk Museum is Amsterdams largest modern and contemporary art museum, and contains works from artists like Piet Mondriaan, Karel Appel, and Kazimir Malevich.

The Van Gogh Museum is dedicated to the early works of Van Gogh (he lived in Amsterdam for a little while).  Here, you can marvel at some of Vincent’s most famed brush strokes; indeed, some of Van Goghs most famous paintings are housed here including the Aardappeleters (The Potato Eaters) and Zonnenbloemen.  But this museum also teaches about the artist himself, and you can find out more about the life of Vincent Van Gogh.

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