Sail with DFDS Seaways

DFDS SeawaysThe DFDS Ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam connects the North-East of England with the north of Holland. It departs daily from Newcastle on an overnight service to Amsterdam.

  • Car plus 4 passengers from £154
  • 2 Bicycles plus 2 passengers from £76
  • Foot Passengers from £18 per person

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Taking a ferry to Holland is a convenient and relaxing way to travel. Departing from Newcastle at 5pm (UK time), you can then relax and enjoy the great on board facilities available on the DFDS Ship including bars, restaurants, cafes and cinemas as you cruise overnight, arriving in Amsterdam (IJmuiden) in Holland at 09:30 (CET – Amsterdam Time).

The Ferry docks in Ijmuiden at the Holland end, which is just outside Amsterdam and DFDS run buses into Amsterdam centre, which takes about 30 minutes.

If you want  to take your car to Europe, then you can use this daily ferry to Holland, sailing overnight from Newcastle to Amsterdam. After a relaxing overnight crossing, you have the freedom of the open road. Head directly into Holland’s capital, Amsterdam, or go off the beaten track and explore the rest of Holland and beyond with your car. With the convenience of taking your own vehicle and no baggage restrictions, taking a ferry to Holland is the relaxing, stress-free way to reach Europe.

  • Car plus 2 passengers from £140
  • Car plus 4 passengers from £154
  • Motorcycle plus 2 passengers from £100
  • Car, Caravan plus 2 passengers from £100

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The ferry departing from Amsterdam (IJmuiden) back to Newcastle departs Holland at 5.30pm (CET – Amsterdam Time), arriving in England at 9am (UK time) the following day.

The Newcastle to Amsterdam Route is covered by two ships the m.s. King of Scandinavia and the m.s. Princess of Norway. The King of Scandinavia can accommodate over 1,500 people and the Princess of Norway can accommodate over 1,350 people. Both have a excellent wide range of things to see and do on board, with numerous bars, restaurants and shops. Both underwent extensive renovation in 2006 and are a perfect place to relax and unwind on board one of DFDS’s ‘floating hotels’.

4 thoughts on “Sail with DFDS Seaways”

  1. I use the DFDS ferry at least twice a year and everytime I do i’m still amazed by the great value for money. Me and my family drive over to visit loved ones in Holland (lot’s of my Dad’s family live there) and it usually costs less than £350 to get the car and the family over to Holland and back to the UK. Though recently we have being paying a little bit extra for a nicer room – though the cheaper rooms are still good, but it’s nice to have a sea view.

  2. I used the Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry for the first time last week and as a frequent “cruise user” I was very pleasently surprised by the on-board experience. I was expecting it to be just a means of transportation, but it was all very civilised and not unlike an actual cruise holiday, allbeit on a much smaller scale.

    The only negative thing was that it was quite expensive on board for food and drinks, but our friends pre-booked their food when they booked online and the saved some money, so next time we will do that. The food though was really good, we ate in the steakhouse on both legs of the jouney and a lovely meal on both occasions.

  3. nobody mentioned it but if you are on a short holiday … it starts as soon as you drop your bags in your cabin , have used this ferry on foot and by motor cycle and have never traveled any place before with less fuss , enjoy

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