Pet Friendly Holidays

Molly can go her holidays too
Molly can go her holidays too!

We would all love to take our pet on holiday, but it’s not always possible. Budget airlines generally don’t take any pets on-board and the airlines that do allow pets to travel, will require you to check them into the cargo hold, which can be expensive as well as distressing to your pet.

That’s where a ferry holiday with DFDS comes in, their pet travel scheme on their Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry route allows you to take your pet on-board. You can leave your pet in your car or caravan overnight as the ferry cruises to Amsterdam, whilst you relax and get some sleep in your en suite cabin.

If your taking your dog with you on holiday, they can also stay in your car, but also have the option of using the on-board kennels that  provide a relaxing and stress free way to transport your dog overseas. They will provide maximum comfort to ensure that your dogs travel is as stress free as possible. You can bring your dogs favourite toys, food and blanket.

Dogs, cats and ferrets are welcome to travel under the Defra PETS Pet Travel Scheme. You will need to sort this out before you travel and can take a few months to get sorted if you have not started the application process yet.  Before traveling you should check with DFDS if their any further requirements for travel of your pet.

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Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, gerbils and chinchillas can currently allowed to move between EU countries (including the UK) and into the EU from Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican with no requirements with regard to rabies.

When leaving your pet in the car you should make sure they will be comfortable for the whole journey. They should have access to enough ventilation,  food and water to see them through the whole journey.

3 thoughts on “Pet Friendly Holidays”

  1. Most dogs would be traumatized on being apart from their owners.I know from experience!!!!Our dog ended up in one of these kennels for a sixteen hour crossing and was in aterrible state.She had to pee in this kennel as we were not allowed to take her out,she was on a car deck the noise and fumes were terrible.Prisoners have better accomadation than our dogs.I now travel portsmouth to santander and dog comes in cabin.Well worth the extra money

  2. Rona your a nutter! First off the Portsmouth to Santander route uses kennels and the journey is longer. If the dogs don’t wee in the kennels, where would you have them wee? There is not a huge amount of grass on-board a ferry, that’s why you are not allowed to take your dog where you want on a ship.

    I’m guessing you have a stupid handbag dog, that you cannot go anywhere without it and who has never been left alone for 2 minutes never mind 2 hours.

    For those travellers who have a real dog, the kennels will not traumatize your dog. It’s no different than standard dog kennels you get on land. If you are travelling on holiday from the north with your dog it’s the best option.

    If you really want to avoid leaving your dog in kennals for a few hours then you could drive the extra 6 hours to Dover to catch the much shorter ferry crossing.

  3. Greg, how ignorant are you ? I came across your comment by mistake and was suprised at your attitude, first off, you can take a dog into the cabin of the Portsmouth Santander ferry, look it up. and secondly, what the hell is a hand bag dog ? what ever you call it, it is loved by its owner and gives alot of pleasure, I have two of your so called hand bag dogs, and love them to bits, I would not leave them in a kennel either, they come every where with us, as we travel all over Europe every year, so wether they were big or small, they are loved by their owner.

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