Royal Palace Amsterdam

Royal Palace Amsterdam
Royal Palace Amsterdam

The Royal Palace Amsterdam is one of the four palaces in use by the Dutch Royal family. When the Royal family aren’t around, the palace is open to the public. Even if it is not open to the public when you are in Amsterdam, you can still come along and view the magnificent architecture of this beautiful and historical 17th century.

The Palace is located on the west side of Dam Square in the centre of Amsterdam, opposite the War Memorial and next to the Nieuwe Kerk.

The Palace is normally opened from 12:00 – 17:00 every day during the peak of summer. It usually closed on Mondays the rest of the year. There is also many weeks when the palace is shut to public, when there is royalty staying there. You should check with the calendar though this is always subject to change.

It was originally built as city hall in the 17th century during the “Dutch Golden Age”, but the building became the royal palace of king Louis Napoleon (brother of Napoleon Bonaparte) in the early 1800s. It would not stay a royal palace for long though and it soon became the home to French governor, Charles François Lebrun. A few years later after Amsterdam was made the official capital of the United Kingdom the Town Hall again became a royal palace.

There are currently four official palaces of the Dutch royal family, the Royal Palace Amsterdam, Soestdijk Palace in Baarn, Huis ten Bosch in the Hague and Noordeinde Palace also in the Hague. Noordeinde Palace is used as a work place for Queen Beatrix and the other 3 are all used as residences.

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